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Our Team

Founder: Carlos A. Ledezma

 Carlos A. Ledezma has established an impeccable reputation, in professional baseball, both in the U.S.A. & abroad. He has over 55 years experience as an athletic trainer & clubhouse manager. He has worked with such MLB teams as the Pirates, Marlins, Devil Rays, & Dodgers. He was with the Pirates ('79) and with the Marlins ('97), when they won the World Series. He was invited to the first AAA All-Star series, and again invited to participate at the 1st Baseball Classic, for the Venezuelan Team.

 Now retired, Carlos continues his passion, and dedication to the sport. He launched the Mickey Rivers Baseball Center, 11 years ago, and now serves as our consultant, as the founder of Cacique Club Baseball and the Cacique Legends. 

General Manager: Karina Linville

 As a co-founder, Karina has an Masters in Business Administration, and over 21 years of corporate and non-profit experience. She has worked with children, teaching and mentoring children, in her community. 

 As a mother, she believes that it takes a village to raise a child. As a result, Karina is dedicated to offering all kids the opportunity to learn from professional players and coaches, and to developing their baseball skills, to keep them away from making bad decisions.  

Managing Coach: Doug Brooks

Our co-founder has a degree as an athletic trainer, from ASU, and has over 22 years of experience in orthopedic surgery and therapy. 

Doug uses all his experience and industry knowledge to create our teams' stretching, conditioning and agility training. He is also responsible for conducting our players' monthly evaluations.