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Our Philosophy

Cacique Legends Club Baseball

 After many bad experiences, in youth sports organizations, we decided to use our background, expertise, and skills to create a new type of club baseball organization. Since we have access to so much accumulated talent, in The Valley of the Sun, it allows us to utilize the expertise of current and retired professional players, to complement our organizational philosophy.  

 We differ because our coaches were/are either professional baseball players or they are guided by their mentoring.  This gives us a different perspective in developing our players. We believe that players can only improve through experienced coaching, and dedicated development. 

 In addition to our customized practices, we evaluate our players' progress every month. We provide a monthly specialized training clinic, to help our pitchers, catchers, in-field, out-field, and hitters develop their skills, within their positions. Our clinic coaches are all current or retired baseball professionals, who have active experience in their field. It's also a great opportunity for our kids to ask them questions, and learn from each player‘s pro ball experiences. 

 As such, we are very different from other club organizations, and we are proud to be able to offer our players these development opportunities, at a competitive rate. 

Cacique Club Value

  • Pro & experienced coaches.
  • Tailored MLB-based practices.
  • Pro-taught monthly training clinics.
  • Monthly development evaluations.
  • 2 tournaments a month.